Administration of  justice is devine task and is a sacred corresponding duty. Best service delivery in justice sector for dispensation of speedy and inexpensive justice to the public at large is the ultimate goal that shall be achieved by utilizing all capabilities. Believing in team work and collective performance with result oriented efforts; that too, with devotion, commitment, integrity and fairness, is the pattern to be adopted for. The common man shall fully be extended the benefits of justice system for attracting the mercy of Almighty Allah and to enhance the public confidence over the institution.



An area of 700 square miles named Orakzai is flanked by mountain ranges varies from 6000 ft to 7000 ft from sea level with a fertile valley.  It is bounded by District Kurram in the west,  District Khyber in the north, Kohat District on the south and Peshawar in the east. The whole of the territory of Orakzai is a mountainous tract dissected by numerous water courses, especially in the south-western part of the region. The two major streams are the Mastura River and Khanki Toi River, both of which originate from the hills to west and run the east.

The locality is characterized by intensely cold winters and mild summers. December, January and February are the coldest months and snowfall occurs in these months. Summers are mild and the maximum temperature does not go above 30 degrees Celsius. Surrounding mountains are covered by dense and thick forests, which produce a cooling effect in summer. Due to geographical position of Orakzai and its thick forest cover, it rains throughout the year. In winter, the precipitation is in the form of snowfall over the surrounding mountains as well as in valley itself. There is no rain gauge, but rainfall is estimated to be around 36 inches (910 mm) per year.

The tribal area now forming Orakzai was previously included in Frontier Region Kohat district and remained as such till 30-11-1973. The Federal Government of Pakistan has notified the area as Agency (Administrative Unit) with the name of Orakzai Agency falling in the Federally Administerd Tribal Area (FATA) on December 1, 1973.

Through amendement in Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the FATA was merged in the province of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa in 2018.

District Courts Orakzai

Courts of District Judiciary have been established for District Orakzai in 2019. On the orders of the Peshawar High Court, Mr Asghar Shah was posted as the founding District & Sessions Judge for District Orakzai in February 2019. The courts are working in political compound of the District Orakzai at baber mela, Hangu.

In June May 2021, Mr. Shaukat Ahmad Khan has assumed the charge of the post of District & Sessions Judge, Orakzai. He under the directions of Hon’ble, the Peshawar High Court, Peshawar has succeeded in establishing first ever Court House at Tehsil Kalaya, Lower Orakzai; wherefor, the working schedule of the court has already been notified for the month of June 2021.


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Meet our Honorable Judges

Our honorable judges have a deep commitment to justice.

Picture of

Syed Obaidullah Shah

District & Sessions Judge of District Orakzai.

Picture of

Zahir Khan

Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate-I, District Orakzai at Tehsil Court Kalaya.

Picture of

Abdul Basit

Additional District & Session Judge, District Orakzai.

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Syed Abbas Bukhari

Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate-II, District Orakzai at Tehsil Court Kalaya.

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Bakht Zada

Senior Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate, District Orakzai.


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